Please take the time to read these important tips before preparing your items.  

  • Consignors must use the MY Consignment Manager tagging system for your items.
  •  All tags must be printed on light colored 60 – 70# card stock (available at Staples). We can not accept tags that are printed on paper. The computer system is unable to read these tags. We would hate to have to turn your items away for not having the appropriate tags. 
  • Please do not tape over the barcode on the tag. While it is important that your tag be attached securely, please do not over tape. We highly recommend using zip-ties/wire-ties (Home Depot, Lowes, Dollar store). With the zip ties you can secure your tag to clothing, toys, shoes, etc. The tags are easy to remove at checkout and there is less damage to the tag.  

Please attach tags DIRECTLY to clothing with a safety pin or zip- tie. Clothing frequently falls off of the original hanger and is placed on a new one during the sale.  


• Please hang your items so that when you look at them the hanger looks like a question mark. It is important that when so much clothing is on the racks it is all facing in the same direction.  
• If you have a multiple piece outfit please pin/zip-tie your items together so that they can be seen by the shoppers.
• Please do not place clothing in zip-loc bags. They will not sell well.
• If a shirt has a wide neck please be sure to pin to the hanger so it does not fall off.


• Please be sure that all pieces of your toy are included and fastened to the toy. Please use zip-ties, tape or Ziploc bags to contain small pieces. We do our best to monitor the toy room, but unfortunately there are sometimes unsupervised children that take things apart and scatter pieces. The more secure your toy is the better.


• Small items such as hair accessories, jewelry, belts, small toys, etc, fit great in zip-loc bags.